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Organizations With A Commitment To Diversity & The Hispanic / Latino Community

Osceola County Schools
Kissimmee, FL
1K - 10K
$500M - 1B
Public School System

The Osceola School District is located in the heart of Central Florida, and provides academic instruction, rigor, and support each school day to more than 72,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade in 60 schools.

The Osceola School District is proud of its diverse mix of students who represent over 100 different countries and various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The district offers an extensive range of school choice options to nurture the talents of students who have interest and ability in specific areas.

The public school system in the Osceola School District has a rich and intricate history. Built upon the efforts of many individuals who firmly believed in the importance of education to this community, public schools in this area have had a tremendous impact on the growth and economy of the region - as well as the thousands of individuals it has served.

With positive educational momentum and a supportive community base, the Osceola School District has developed a three-year strategic plan, which will guide improvement efforts on the next leg of its journey to greatness.